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We provide telecoms training and telecoms consultancy to telecoms companies and their customers, including Public Network Operators, Telecommunications Service Providers, Internet Service Providers, Media Providers, Equipment Suppliers, and local and central government. We're experts in all aspects of telecoms technology, telecoms services, and the business and regulatory aspects of telecoms, particularly for next generation networks (NGN); our business is developing and delivering excellent training in our specialism of next generation telecoms around the world. Our customers use us because they understand and like what we do, and how we do it. Please search the site for relevant courses and articles using the search bar at the top of the screen, or browse our courses by category using the menu to the left hand side of this text. Welcome to our homepage, we hope you'll be our next customer...

Our Training Courses

We are based in the UK, but train around the world, typically at customer sites. In the last few years our trainers have delivered telecoms courses in USA, India, The People's Republic of China, Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Dubai, as well as in most countries in Western Europe. Training topics include wireless networks, fixed-line networks, OSS, telecoms security, VoIP and telecoms business and regulation.

  • We run our public telecoms training courses at training centres in Reading, Birmingham and Bristol. These public training classes are useful for customers with 1 to 3 attendees at a given time, or who want to evaluate a training course for later on-site delivery.
  • We have a much larger set of on-site telecoms training which can be delivered at your premises or as a closed course at a venue of your choice anywhere in the world.
  • Many of our telecoms training classes are customized for individual clients. The added value to attendees of relating course materials, classroom discussions, and exercises to their own telecoms networks and services is consistently rated one of the best and most distinguishing aspects of our training.

Free Content

We believe passionately in continuing education for individuals and businesses, and think our training materials are the best in the business. So we've placed free NGN training content throughout the site which is available without restriction for individual use...

  • We maintain a list of telecoms articles, tutorials and howto's covering telecommunications technology fundamentals, latest NGN developments in the telecoms industry, and company news. All vendor-neutral and without sponsorship of any kind
  • Many of our course listings will increasingly include sample chapters as a free'll find these as you navigate the descriptions for individual courses.
  • We are continuously adding other free downloads on the site, including flash tutorials explaining how to carry out common tasks related to our training and our free 2-day introduction to telecoms course arranged in handy video modules.

What customers say...

"Very knowledgeable"

CH, UK Government

"...very interesting, useful and informative."

PS, Intelsat

"Very interesting, and instructor happy to adapt to my needs. Thank you"

PL, Digitalk

" we received from colleagues was very positive: instructor, quality, materials, content and facilities. Thank you..."

VC, Hewlett Packard

"Really useful! Helped to meet my work objectives"

KP, Virgin Media

"Nice and informative introductory course"

CO, MTN Nigeria

"...really informative..."

KA, Dimension Data

"...presenter had excellent knowledge..."

PD, TalkTalk

"Instructor could answer any question...would gladly recommend strongly"

MT, UK Government

"...Thank you, excellent presentation of course..."

LK, Ericsson

"A good start to understanding the NGOSS framework"


"Really enjoyed the course..."

YD, Virgin Media

"...a huge knowledge of the subject, and explains things superbly..."

SR, Ericsson

"...knew his subject in depth, with technical knowledge to add..."

GD, Smith Barney

"Very knowledgeable...have learnt much more than I expected..."

DH, UK Government

"Very well explained, and made it make sense to a newcomer to telecoms"

SG, Home Group

"...excellent instructor!"

TR, Ericsson Services Limited

"Very informative, and able to build on knowledge gained"

KM, Ascom Wireless Services

"CD really helpful"

DH, UK Government

" excellent instructor..."

DR, BT Group

"Instructor really made a technical subject understandable..."

MT, UK Government

"(Instructor) knowledge excellent, and everyone had fun"

JP, Ascom Wireless Services

" to customise to our requirements in short order....very impressed..."

KP, Central Government

"...very well delivered by a technically able and enthusiastic instructor..."

PK, Vodafone Group

"Many thanks for a wonderful course...I thoroughly enjoyed it..."

ND, Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation

"...a well run event, thank you."

PM, Orange

"It was a very revealing session. It delivered perfectly on my expectations"

BD, DDB Lagos

"....excellent overview of all the technologies."

MM, Siemens

"...the NGOSS course was a complete sucess...thank you..."

RG, Hewlett Packard

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